A place of impeccable style
and harmony

Arh. Bogdan Neagu

In this premium area of Bucharest, the architect Bogdan Neagu and his team have created Collection 10 as an unique boutique residential development where the elegant contemporary design serves a high functionality, fulfilled with superior, efficient materials. Collection 10’s uniqueness derives from an original architectural approach, with the volumes arranged in such a manner to create a project of distinctive harmony.

The houses, bright and of around 300 sqm each, have ground floor and two floors. Each level is designed as a separate volume, with the spaces organized in a fluid and creative way, also well integrated with the entire building. Every house will have its own garden, three terraces positioned in such a way to be invisible to the neighbors and two parking spaces.

As a confirmation of its qualities, the project has been shortlisted for the Romanian Building Awards 2019 competition.
Bogdan Neagu, the architect, underlines the idea that the project also enjoys the benefit of being a future valuable investment. This area has seen a constant evaluation of its properties with a rate well above the market average and the prospect is for this trend to continue.
The developer is JQ Development, in partnership with the construction company ROCA Construct. Their first project together dates from year 2000 and ever since they have built residences and an office building well appreciated for their quality, durability and efficiency.
ROCA Construct has in its construction portfolio iconic projects built in high-end areas (Aleea Modrogan 5, Aleea Alexandru 25-27), 12 residences in Corbeanca, 16 duplex units in Focsani, Avrig 12 office building, individual residences in downtown Bucharest and in Snagov, schools and nurseries in Bucharest.
Architect Bogdan Neagu explains the main lines of his concept in the herein interview. We present below several of its elements:

In order to protect the intimacy of its inhabitants, a generous distance of 9 meters has been maintained between the houses across the main street and of 8 meters between the houses on the same side of the street.

The second floor is withdrawn from the street level, creating an extra feeling of space.

The ground floor and the first floor are 3 meters high; the second floor reaches 4.2 meters in its highest point.

The garden terrace is large enough for barbeque parties. From their own experience, the developers know that a larger terrace does not bring benefits and, on the contrary, has significant drawbacks in terms of maintenance efforts and costs.

For Urban Ideal, the structure of the building uses a beamless technology for both the ground and the first floor.

The interior roof structure, kept visible from the second floor, creates a poetic space of relaxed atmosphere.

The two terraces from the second floor are calculated with such an orientation so they are invisible to all neighbors.

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